Partage is an application for macOS that allows to share files privately and securely without using cloud services. Partage is meant to be resilient and allow you to pause and resume transfers as needed without having to start over, which can be particularly helpful when transfering large files over shaky connections.

Because it performs direct connections from machine to machine, using the application might be a tad more complicated than other products you may know, it is better to have a basic understanding of networking.


Partage 0.9.2 (2022, March 31st) - macOS 11 or newer

Why version 0.9 and not 1.0?

First and foremost because the application has received limited testing. There are known performance issues related to SwiftUI which I am still not sure how to address. Work will continue to improve quality but it is working well enough already that I am happy to post it here for everyone interested to download and try. It needs an icon too.


SwiftUI, Network and CryptoKit.


Partage performs end-to-end encryption using ephemeral keys so only the recipient can read what is transmitted. There is one permanent pair of signing keys stored in the user keychain that is used to authenticate users and new pairs of agreeement keys are created for every connection and used to derive the symmetric key that is used to encrypt traffic. The symmetric key (and agreement keys) are dropped when the connection ends. By the way, feel free to ping me if you know your way around crypto and would like to know more.


You can uninstall easily, simply select the “Uninstall…” command located under the application main menu.


Partage is totally free to use, you don't have to give me anything. But if you would like to, you can offer donations to encourage further developments (paypal link).


You can contact me by email at